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Missouri Country Fishing Season

With a base elevation of 3400 feet above sea level the Missouri River can be fished comfortably and effectively for 8 months plus out of the year. The Missouri being a tailwater fishery with three dams above us to moderate the flows and water temperatures can fish well anytime of the year.

March- Midge fishing with dries, nymphing slow runs and some potentially awesome streamer fishing can chase away the winter blues on the Missouri. Daytime highs can be in 20's but typically are a comfortable low-mid 40's. Small streams closed until third Saturday in May and lakes are still iced over.

April-Rainbows are returning and going out of the Missouri for spawning. Browns can come well to streamers nymphing getting better. Late in the month BWO's begin hatching. This combined with warmer water temperatures and renewed interest in feeding after spawning can produce some great fishing. Lakes are opening up and fish are cruising the shallows, one of the best times to catch a trophy fish.

May- Great nymphing on the Missouri with blue-wing olives (BWO) and midges providing some dry fly activity. This month is the most overlooked time to fish the Missouri. Lakes are still fishing well but beginning to taper of later in the month. Late in the month or early June the Sun, Dearborn and small streams get high and dirty with runoff.

June- All most all rivers in the West are wild and dirty. Excellent nymphing above the Dearborn. By mid-month, the PMD's and caddis begin hatching. Depending on the flows some of the best dry fly fishing of the year. Crowds haven't arrived yet, excellent time on the Missouri. Lakes are experiencing damsel hatches and weed beds coming up. All streams in our area are high and muddy.

July- Greatest number and variety of hatches on the Missouri. Small streams start clearing and fishing well by mid-month. Lake productivity falling fast with higher water temperatures and rising weed beds. Busiest time of the year for angler pressure.

August- Trico's and caddis create famous "Missouri pods". Hopper fishing will bring up some big fish on the Mo. Small streams start getting low later in the month and fish getting tougher. Lakes fishing poorly.

September- Missouri waters cooling and fall hatches beginning to develop by mid-month. For all factors probably the best time to fish the Missouri with falling angler numbers, more active fish and more consistent hatches. Dearborn and Sun fishing well, as will small streams if not to dewatered. Lakes improving.

October- Excellent fishing on the Missouri with BWO's, caddis and midges providing good dry flying after 1 PM. Nymphing solid all day, streamers can be an exciting proposition. Throw in fall scenery and upland bird hunting and you have a real winner. Sun, Dearborn and small streams fish tough.

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